13 Times People Got Caught Kissing Awkwardly On Camera In Public. #3 Really Has Me Confused.


We have all been there. That night you had a kiss ( even if you didn’t want it ) and then someone catches it on camera and puts it on Social Media. Well here are some of the worst ones caught on camera. If you enjoy the below post then please feel free to share with your friends.

1 – The Saturday night after the club kiss you don’t remember.

2 – That moment he practically eats you’re face off!

3 – I guess french kissing without having to open you’re mouth has it’s advantages!

4 – That moment you get a kiss while trying to pick a boogie!

5 – Some guys just don’t know where a woman’s mouth is!

6 – When two lizards meet this is what it looks like..

7 – When your life is gaming and a girl gives you a kiss for the first time.

8 – The moment you’re mom kisses you in public…

9 – When you’re the only single in the picture!

10 – So drunk you can’t find eachothers mouth moment.

11 – This guy thinks he’s a facehugger from the movie Alien…

12 – That moment your date goes on a rampage.

13 – When she thinks you are a gummybear.