12 Problems Only Girls With Curly Hairs Will Understand


It’s no doubt that many girls look the prettiest in curly hairs than that of straight hairs. But as a matter of fact, curly hairs are difficult to maintain and take care of. Even if curly hairs works out the best for many girls. Still, she will understand these below 12 problems which every girl having curly hairs will understand.

1. Rainy Days Are The Worse For Curly Hairs

Rainy days are the devil for curly hairs. Whenever it rains there is a lot of humidity, causing curly hair to look extra-frizzy. Thus, your hair looks can get even worse. There are few homemade hacks which can help you minimize the condition to get worse like you can use excess conditioners on rainy days.

2. Waking Up In The Morning With Curly Hairs

Girls with curly hair can face the below-depicted problem when they wake up in morning. There is one line which says, ” Pillow is the best hairdresser “. Well in real life it’s not the case. Girls with curly hairs can face problems which are depicted in the picture below.

3. Curly Hairs Will Never Look The Same Twice.

Kinks of curly hairs are very difficult to maintain. So as a matter of fact girls usually face difficulty to maintain the exact kinks and curls as before. It keeps on changing every single day.

4. Time Consuming

Curly hairs need more time to dress properly than straight hairs. So if you are in a busy schedule than its really hard to manage your hairs properly.

5. Helmets Are Your Worst Enemy

If you have a curly hair. Than wearing helmets can be your worst enemy. It will completely ruin down your hairs.

6. Making A Bun Looks Weird

Girls who have weird hairs they find themselves very hard to make a bun. It will somewhat look like a big hump over their head.

7. Your Partner Might Find It Difficult

If you are getting along with your partner than your curly hairs might come between you two and it might cause a problem for you both.

8. Wind

Wind is yet another biggest enemy for those who have curly hairs. It will look something like the picture depicted below.

9. Be Careful When You Cut Your Hairs

Always be very careful when you cut your hairs else it can somewhat look like this.

10. Combing Your Curly Hairs

On a serious note its actually not necessary to comb your hairs. Because if you comb your hairs it will look somewhat like this. I mean it will just look the same.

11. Sometimes Hair Brush Might Feel Bad

Yup you heard that right. If you have a tougher hair than you mind end up doing this while you brush your hairs.

12. Sometimes You Feel Like Quit

Yeah, sometimes even after endless times effort in dressing your curly hair’s. You might end up quitting as things might not go in your favor.