10 Common Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman


While you may be doing everything in your power to attract the opposite sex, it may surprise you to learn that some of your actions and behaviours can have the opposite effect. In fact, you may not even realise that you’re acting in a way that drives men away when all you’re trying to do is draw them towards you.

I know some ladies are unaware of their deeds and behaviour that sometimes reflect negatively to men. For example, a woman with hair full of volumising product and variously placed bobby pins walks into the room. Will it attract the attention of all those men present at the party? Yes, but not for the reasons you want. Most men prefer long, loose, soft and silky hair, not sticky hairspray and hard gels.

And like this many other habits turn out to be annoying for them. Let’s take a look at this list and know things that men find unattractive in a woman.

Dating in the modern world can be nerve-racking. Each date could either turn into a future relationship or a total disaster, and those first impressions are crucial. Here are 10 of the most common things women say are unattractive in a man.


1) Nothing to say

Conversation should flow. If making conversation is like pulling teeth and it’s a lot of effort to get a response, a woman might just look elsewhere.


2) Arrogance

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is sexy, arrogance – not so much! Bragging, self-importance, vanity and “ME ME ME!” are more likely to distress than impress.


3) Drunkenness

The smell of alcohol on the breath alone is enough to put most women off! Add word slurring and falling asleep sitting up for a total no-go.


4) Lack of ambition

Ambition is attractive, pure and simple. Lack of ambition is not so great. Anyone who wants more from life is far more appealing than those happy trudging along.


5) Not making an effort

A little effort goes a long way, and a well groomed date who has put some thought into their appearance will go a long way to impress. It’s important to note, effort is important in every area, not just appearance.


6) Poor personal hygiene

It seems to be a popular opinion that a man should be clean. Bad breath, uncombed hair & not showering regularly are a big turn off. But you knew that anyway, right guys?


7) Bad manners

Manners don’t cost a thing, and it’s far more appealing when a date says please and thank you and offers to grab the door. Chivalry is far from dead and shouldn’t be under-estimated.


8) Fakers

It’s OK to have a difference of opinion, but it’s concerning when a man goes along with everything and pretends to be someone they’re not just to please their date. Pretence is off-putting whether it’s about likes, dislikes, earnings, or beliefs.


9) Neediness

Independence is a must for most people in a relationship. No-one likes a partner with a clingy temperament, a constant need for reassurance and no stability. A partner should be someone to share great things with, not to provide them.


10) A poor view of women

Sexism is outdated, and a big turn off is when a man decides he’s better than “the little lady.” The assumption that a woman’s place is the kitchen, free use of sexual innuendos and inappropriate groping are all a big NO!


Every woman’s preference will be different in terms of clothes, style and personality but there are some things that are just not attractive to anyone. Making a good impression can make a good start and remember, start as you mean to go on!