The Way You Cross Your Arms Reveal Much About Yourself


The way we cross our arms can reveal a lot about our personality and our thinking. To find out, cross your arms, the way you always do and see, which arm do you place above the other. Is the left arms on the right one, or the right arm on the left one?


This implies your right brain is more developed.

Since the right brain is associated with cognitive skills like creativity, emotion, and intuitiveness, you are an artistic and spiritual person by nature.

A lot of left-handers are right-brained.
By profession, you are into art, politics, music, athletics or anything that is related to creativity and invention.


Steve Jobs, Stephen Spielberg, Picasso.


This implies your left brain is more developed.

Since left-brain is dominated by logic, you are a rational human being. You are diligent and organized. Success comes easily to you. You also tend to be an animal lover. By profession, you are a lawyer or a banker or a scientist.


Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein. Bill Gates.

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Find Out What Your Everyday Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

Each person is unique in his own way. We all look different, we have different tastes and we have different hairstyles. What kind of hairstyle do you choose for your everyday life? Do you gather your long hair in a ponytail, curl your hair or just wash and leave it natural? All this can say you something about your personality.

There are no hairstyles that can suit everyone. Every single lady is an individual. Every nationality, culture and even every historical epoch has its own preferences and favorites. It can seem that the hair is just one of the components of a person’s physical body. However, it often plays an important and even fatal role.

Probably, each of us has experimented with the hairstyle at least once in the life, and some women even change it all the times. They change the length and the color of their hair. Pay your attention to the following 4 hairstyles. Have you found your favorite one among them?

#1. You are a romantic, but at the same time single-minded person. You are a social and very self-confident woman, you have many friends and you like to spend your free time with people.

#2. You always try to achieve your life goals and you are very proud of yourself. You are a strong, but at the same time soft and kind woman. Not everybody knows that you are so sensitive.

#3. You are creative and interesting. You are always in search of new feelings and emotions. You always try to help people, even if they do not ask you about it. You are very kind and open to communication.

#4. You are a serious person. You are attentive to detail and notice everything around you. That’s why you achieve great results and achievements at work. You are very caring and worry about the opinions of others. Despite this, you very carefully choose your environment.

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