Do These Simple Chair Exercises Anywhere and Anytime to Reduce Belly Fat Fast


Yes, you are right! The belly fats know to be so irritating and can have a negative influence on your self-esteem and self-confidence too.

More irritating is to have the will and motivation to get rid of those fats, but not having enough time to visit the gym. Do not lose your hope so quickly, because today’s article will present to you a workout that may be performed not only at your home, but at your office too. And the results of the same are astonishing. All that you need is half-hour free time and a comfortable chair that will help you to perform the moves correctly. If you do not have half-hour free time, then the workout is allowing you to modify it according to what is best for you. So prepare yourself to lose the extra fats of your stomach and tone your abs.

  1. Knee Raise with Twist

Start the exercise by sitting into a straight position. Make a movement so that you will bring your body to the edge of the chair. Your feet should be in front of you. Lift your hands so that you will touch the sides of the head with them. Next, your right elbow will need to touch your left knee. Switch sides and make sure that your left elbow is touching the right knee. As you are making these movements you need to feel certain contractions in the lower part of your abdominal muscles.

  1. Double Knee Raise to Lose Belly Fat

This exercise is so effective because is targeting the entire abdominal zone. Your arms need to be placed on the armrest of the chair so that you will have a support to your body. Then you may raise both of your knees to your chest. If you are having a chair that does not have armrests, then you may support your body on the seat of the chair, using your hands.

  1. Oblique Double Knee Raise

If your chair has armrests, you may use them for support of your body. You will have to perform the same movements with your body as with the previous exercise, with exception of leaning to one side i.e. on one buttock. This exercise is really effective when the abdominal sides come to question. You will have to repeat the exercise on one side until you felt a burn of the muscles. Then you may switch sides and repeat the same movements with the opposite side too.

  1. Touch the Floor

If you are so tired of the saddlebags this exercise will help you to remove them for sure. As you are sitting in the chair, bring your feet flat on the ground in front of you and open them a little bit. Next, stretch your arms along your body sides as much as you can. You will have to lean to the front and drive one of your hands down to the opposite foot. It is very important not to bend your elbow while performing this move. Then alternate sides and repeat the same movements with the opposite side too.

  1. Chair Lift

If you are having a wheelchair, then you will have to press it to the wall so that you will prevent it from moving. Once you will bring the wheelchair into a stable position, place your arms on the armrests and raise your body off the chair. In order to perform this movement, use your abs muscles and pull your knees up and to the inside. Try to stay into this position as longer you can and then you may return your body to the initial position.