It’s been said that men only care about toning their bodies from the waist up and women only care about it from the waist down. But one part both sexes tend to neglect is the back: After all, it’s harder to appreciate every day than, say, a toned tummy and sleek thighs. But it’s a mistake to put your back on the, um, back burner. Why? Well for starters, a well-defined back is pretty sexy.

But more important, strong lower back muscles and abdominals (known collectively as your core) literally support your body, allowing you to do all the things you do during your day, such as walking, lifting, pulling and pushing.

Since some 80% of us will end up with a back problem at some point, in part due to weak abs, protecting those core muscles should be a priority. “Injury is often due to weak abdominals, and sometimes people carry stress in their backs so the muscles are very tight,”Whenever you can, do something to relax the muscles, like a massage or sitting in a Jacuzzi or steam.”

We offers a simple and quick (just 10 minutes!) workout to get your lower back strong and your upper back buff. Do this back program every other day, building up frequency and intensity as you feel ready. “Listen to your body and see how many repetitions of each move you can do,” stresses Webb. But don’t overdo it – more is not necessarily better.

Try to do eight and when that gets easy, do two more and keep building on that.” And be sure to stick with a regular cardio plan and healthy eating: Both are essential to removing any fat overlaying the beautiful muscles you’re working to tone and sculpt. (And, as with any exercise program, be sure to consult your physician before you begin.)