12 Exercises to Tighten Your Butt and Legs in 4 Weeks


Alex Silver Fagan is a Nike trainer who advises performing squats if you want to turn your legs and buttocks into well-shaped ones. Fagan explains that the squats are the best solution for tighten legs and butt. The good thing is that they may be performed on their own or may be combined with other exercises too.Today’s article will present to you a week-long training plan which is consisted of 12 squats versions that is targeting your legs and butt. The same is lasting no more than 15 minutes and the good thing is that it may be performed at home too.

Basic Squat
First, you’ll need to master a classic squat.


Squat with Kickbacks
“This variation fires your glutes right from the start,” says Silver-Fagan.


Sumo Squat
This variation helps you keep your torso lifted throughout the exercise, while giving your glutes extra attention.


Reaching Sumo Squat
“Adding the reach gets your calves firing,” says Silver-Fagan. “It also boosts your heart rate.”


Oblique Squat
Even a classic squat carves your core, but this oblique squat takes your ab workout to the next level.


Jump Squat

Silver-Fagan likes this variation because it adds some shoulder mobility work to the mix.


Narrow Squat
This stance sets you up for the pistol squat that follows.


Pistol Squat
“Your glutes are forced to work harder as you stand upright and push your hips forward,” says Silver-Fagan.


Curtsey Squat

These next two moves play with different planes of motion. First, you move laterally in this curtsey squat…


Split Squat
Then, you transition into a front-to-back motion in the split squat, explains Silver-Fagan.


Isometric Squat with Toe Taps
Silver-Fagan calls this the “booty burn” because your muscles have less time to rest.


Pop Squat
“Adding in the pop squat gives your legs a breather after the isometric squat, flushing out the lactic acid, while also adding some cardio.”



Day 1
10 repetitions of Basic Squats
5 repetitions on very one of your legs of Squats with kickback

Day 2
10 repetitions of Sumo squats- outstretched arms
10 repetitions of Sumo squats

Day 3
10 repetitions of Jump squats
5 repetitions on every one of your legs on Squats for training the oblique muscles

Day 4
5 repetitions on every one of your legs of Pistol squats
10 repetitions of Narrow squats- your feet put close together

Day 5
5 repetitions on every one of your legs of Curtsy squats
5 repetitions on every one of your legs of Split squats

Day 6
10 repetitions of Pop squats
5 repetitions on every one of your legs of Side-step squats

Day 7
10 repetitions of Sumo squats
5 repetitions on every one of your legs of Squats to target obliques abdominal muscles
It is important to repeat the exercise during the entire week.

Source : www.fitnessmagazine.com