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Nowadays there is a great amount of different diets. They can be based on certain beneficial elements (like proteins or carbs) and even on the colour of the foods (many people keep the diet eating foods of a certain colour on a certain day).

But there are also meal plans based on one main product, like pineapple or banana diet. And today we have for you one more meal plan of this type.

It`s a grapefruit diet.

Grapefruits are recommended by the dietarians for those people who want to lose weight. They are packed with fiber, carbs and vitamin C, which are essential for our health. But is the diet based only on this fruit really effective?

The doctors claim, that due to this meal plan you can lose some body fat, muscle mass and water, but when you return to your usual meal, plan everything will come back. This diet isn`t balanced.

But we have for you a 12-day meal plan with 2 days off, which includes grapefruits and is completely safe. You shouldn`t limit yourself too much. In this case grapefruits only assist in your weight loss.

For breakfast you should eat a half of grapefruit, 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon. For lunch you should also eat a half of grapefruit, your favourite meat (boiled or baked will be the best) and vegetable salad.

The dinner is the same as lunch. But you can replace meat with fish.

Before going to bed drink a glass of tomato juice or skim milk.

You should know that there are vegetables which you should avoid: white onions, celery and potatoes.

And there are also vegetables, which are allowed to consume: radishes, red and green onions, cucumbers, broccoli, bell peppers, peas, carrots, cabbage, spinach and lettuce.

Actually, you can add grapefruits to any balanced diet. But cutting the calories intake is still the best way to get rid of excess pounds.

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