Fabulous benefits of ginger in treating Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer 10.000xxx better than Drugs


Folk medicine has relied on the health benefits of ginger for hundreds of years. There are many records which show that ginger root has been utilized for healing and soothing many different diseases and disorders. Ginger provides many healing effects and this is something that science has recently confirmed through series of scientific studies.

Ginger is packed with Anticancer Compounds

Ginger chemical formula including paradols, shagaols and gignerols. It was confirmed that these active constituents of ginger provide powerful anticancer effects. This is the final conclusion in a scientific study revealed in the popular Food and Chemical Technology Journal.

Several other studies have shown that the results from this particular research are valid and they have used this initial research to highlight the effects of ginger in elimination of cancer cells in cases of prostateovarian and colorectal cancer. In addition, there are many experts who claim that ginger can provide much better results than chemotherapy.

Benefit of Ginger in eliminating Prostate Cancer Cells

A scientific study performed in the United States and revealed in the Journal of Nutrition (UK edition) has shown that extract from ginger can block the progress of prostate cancer cells in men and women, but only if they take about 100 mg of it per kilogram of body weight each day. Scientists have pointed out extract of ginger has the ability to lower the growth of prostate cancer in more than half of the patients.

Fabulous benefits of ginger in Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer treatment better than Drugs
Fabulous benefits of ginger in Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer treatment better than Drugs

So, taking 100 grams of fresh ginger a day will provide more or less equal results in men and women that weight around 70 kg. In addition, the study has confirmed that there haven’t any side effect of ginger on healthy cells found yet.

The scientists have summarized that this scientific study is unique because it shows data related to in vivo and in vitro anticancer effects of ginger extract in cases of prostate cancer. Overall, health benefits of ginger may be more effective compared to standard chemotherapy because chemotherapy has negative effect on healthy cells too.

Benefit of Ginger in eliminating Ovarian Cancer Cells

With the help of angiogenesis people can get more information about the beginning of cancer. In case this process is blocked at a very early stage, there is a great chance to prevent cancer. Ginger has been confirmed as an effective cancer treatment by scientists.

Benefits of ginger in Ovarian and Colon Cancer treatment
Benefits of ginger in Ovarian and Colon Cancer treatment

A scientific study revealed in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine magazine has confirmed that the growth of cancer cells can be inhibited thanks to the active constituents of ginger found in ginger root. All these compounds provide powerful anti-angiogenic effects. As a matter of fact, this study has discovered that ginger is excellent when it comes to treatment and prevention of the vicious ovarian cancer.

Benefits of ginger in Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer treatment.

Experts from the University of Michigan have highlighted clinical trials to the ACA (American Cancer Association) which suggested that this special herb is extremely useful because it eliminated cancer cells. In addition, ovarian cancer cells don’t have the opportunity to develop efficient resistance to the activity of these compounds and this is something that happens very often when chemotherapy begins.

So, ginger may have better potential against ovarian cancer compared to conventional chemo because there is no side effect of ginger, it is not toxic and can’t trigger drug resistance.

Ginger benefit in Colorectal Cancer prevention and treatment

The scientists found that ginger has extremely good benefit in preventing and treating colorectal cancer. A conference dedicated to Cancer prevention Research held 12 years ago was the place where the potential of ginger in treating and preventing colorectal cancer was mentioned for the first time. Several scientists have suggested that there is sufficient evidence that ginger has the ability to protect people from colorectal cancer. More than a dozen of scientific studies were conducted since then and they also have proof that shows the anticancer effects of this herb.

Benefits of ginger in Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer treatment better than Drugs..

For instance, the famous Journal of Nutrition has revealed such study last year. Thanks to this study people have found out that ginger is not good only for the prevention of this specific type of cancer, but it also has ability to eliminate newly formed colorectal cancer cells. In other words, people dealing with colorectal cancer can rely on ginger in order to boost their treatment.

Why using Ginger is better than Chemo?

In the recent period there is a growing number of evidence that shows that this herb is extremely beneficial for protection against many different types of cancer like colorectal, prostate and ovarian cancer. The best part of this claim is that ginger is all-natural and mildly invasive treatment option especially when we compare it to the conventional chemotherapy. This means that ginger eliminates just cancer cells and doesn’t affect healthy cells in any way.

In addition, ginger is toxin-free herb. The only downside of using ginger extract when we use it as a cancer treatment is the fact that it is not officially accepted as a remedy against cancer because authorities need more evidence. Most of the studies we have mentioned were conducted on mice or in vitro.

Using Ginger as a natural treatment for fighting against prostate cancer, Ovarian and Colon Cancer

The anticancer effects provided by ginger are undeniable. So, all we need to do in order to enjoy the health benefits of ginger that this herb brings is to include it in our daily diet which by the way must be natural and balanced. Four grams of ginger per day is the optimal dose for average adults. But, pregnant women should limit the intake to not more than one gram per day.  Ginger can be used in many different meals, but due to its specific taste it is better to make experiments with it on small pieces of food.