9 Months Of Pregnancy Accelerated Into Just 4 minutes. It’s Really Worth Seeing


If you’ve never been through it before — or if you’re a man and thus immune — it’s hard to imagine what it feels like to be pregnant. But the urge to know is clearly strong. Witness the Mommy Tummy, a Japanese invention released in 2011 that uses balloons and a water pump to simulate pregnancy for men.

In the four-minute video below you’ll be taken on a journey through pregnancy right from conception, all the way to birth.

It shows the distance sperm travels to reach the egg and what happens when it finally makes it; what it looks like when it’s starting to grow actual limbs, they even show you the development of our sexual organs.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is the birth itself. You can see how the baby’s skull is moved around to fit through the pelvis, how it’s also turned on its side so its shoulders can also side through unobstructed.

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7 Important Things About Sleeping During Pregnancy

Sleeping During Pregnancy

Sleeping During Pregnancy: Body changes in a quite different way during pregnancy. These changes are so different that women faces discomfort while standing, walking, and sitting. Especially while sleeping, they experience changes in sleeping positions.They find it quite discomfort able as it was earlier and it’s all because of the increased abdomen size, shortness of breath, frequent urination, and back pain.

But, I have a solution to their problem that will help in providing a perfect nap and a sound sleep.

#1 Best position for sleeping during Pregnancy is on the left side.

#2 Avoid back and stomach sleeping.

#3 Prefer using pregnancy pillows.

#4 Avoid drinking water 2 hours before sleeping.

#5 Changes in the sleeping position trimester-wise.

#6 Wear loose clothes while sleeping

#7 For perfect sleep at night, forget worries.

This informational message is for every mother to be and for those who are planning to conceive. So, share it with as many women as possible and make their pregnancy safe and healthy.

Starting three months of pregnancy are very critical for baby’s development because of the formation of all the baby’s organs.

So you should be careful about using alcohol, any type of drugs and medications, especially during these first three months.

You should avoid any food containing caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, and tea etc.

Always drink boiled milk as it may cause infection especially during pregnancy.

Before taking any medication, please ask your healthcare provider first.

If a woman smokes during pregnancy, she would give birth to a less weight baby as compared to women who doesn’t smoke during pregnancy. So stay away from smoking.

Pregnant women should eat fresh and healthy fruits daily to avoid infection and diseases.

Never eat a raw fish during pregnancy. If you want to eat fish then firstly cook it thoroughly to make it healthy food.