7 Exercises That Can Help You Go From a Flat to a Firm Butt


You are a person that does not have a body-weight issues, but just want to look irresistible in the pair of skinny jeans that you have. Therefore, you need to stronger your back despite which size is your butt. Once you will achieve that, then you may exercise for rounded and stronger butt. When the back side is mentioned, usually refers to:

– gluteus maximus which is defined as the biggest muscle in your body. The same supports the thigh and hip movements;

– gluteus medius which helps in the thigh rotation; and

– the hamstrings which are helping your body to get prevented of injuries to the hips. Also the hamstrings are important for shaping your back side.

The glutes muscles are from great importance and the same helps with:

  1. Improving Your Posture

When you are sitting the gluteus muscles are turned off which leads to tightened and shorten hip flexor muscles. The same is increasing the risk of knee and hip injury and may leads to slouching which is defined as a posture deviation. The best advice is to keep your gluteus muscles turned on most of the time so that you will prevent your body from the previously mentioned conditions.

  1. Reducing Hip, Back, and Knee Pain

If you are possessing toned gluteus muscles this means that you are possessing stabilized pelvis too. Stabilized pelvis means protection of your hips and protected hips means pain-free lower back. The stable pelvis is also good for reduction of the pressure on the ankles and knees. To be confirmed, strong glutes means pain-free body.

  1. Improving Sports Performance

Possessing toned gluteus muscles means better speed and reduction of the reaction time, which is and overall characteristic of the sportsmen. These toned muscles also reduce the stressed caused into your feet every time your feet hit the ground.

Despite the explanation about the benefits that you may have if you are possessing toned gluteus muscles, this article will introduce to you 7-exercises program too. The same will help you to firm your butt and tone your legs. You may practise this program on its own, or you may combine the same so will get the killer combo. Each exercise of the workout program needs to be performed 8-10 times. All of the exercises are equipment-free and are using the body’s own weigh, with exception of one exercise where a butt band is needed.

  1. Basic Squats

Start the exercise on both your feet on the ground, so that the same will be on a distance as the hip width. You need to face your toes, knees, and hip toward forward. Make a movement as you are going to sit on a chair, then push your butt towards the back, and bend you knees. The knees need to be kept behind the level of your toes so that you may rest your weight on your heels. Then you may return to the staring position and make repetitions of the exercise.

  1. Jump Squats