4 Effective Remedies To Deworm Your Baby


Having a worm in the stomach is not a minor problem. These diseases can happen for many reasons. Worms in the stomach have a great effect on the physical and mental development of children.

Consumption of infected food and drinks, dirt around houses, raw food, or contaminated food, prolonged intake of chicks in the stomach due to consuming them.

Symptoms of Stomach Worms in Kids:

Usually, symptoms of stomach worms are not from one to everyone. These symptoms also depend on the type of insects and their number.

  1. Skin rash
  2. Uneasiness during Sleep
  3. Intense smell in stool
  4. Irritation around anus
  5. Regular stomach pains

What Is Deworming?

Deworming is a process that involves the use of medication to remove an infestation of worms in the intestine. The treatment aims at eliminating the worms and removing any infection that causes discomfort in the patient.

Intestinal worms can be easily removed by regularly deworming a child. If the worms are not removed, they can multiply by laying eggs in the intestine and can cause severe damage to the body. If neglected, intestinal parasites can also be fatal to the host.

How Do Children Get Worms?

Children are more vulnerable than adults to intestinal worms. They may unwittingly allow the worms to enter their bodies through a simple act of walking barefoot on the grass. Other ways in which your kids can catch these worms are:

  • The infected soil is the most common cause of worms in children. Soil that is damp and wet is breeding ground for various worms including helminths parasites that enter the human body.
  • Unhygienic surroundings and habits such as not washing hands after defecation can cause intestinal worms.
  • Contaminated water.
  • Undercooked food and fruits or vegetables infected with worms, raw or undercooked meat, especially pork, may have worms that can infest even the brain.
  • From infected animals, pets with ticks and worms, cattle and fish that live in the same premises as the child.
  • Children can also acquire worms from other kids and adults, if they are unhygienic. Worm eggs can live under fingernails, and can be easily passed on to another person if not washed off.

Remedy For Stomach Worms

To eliminate worms, there are many types of medicines and powders available in the market. But sometimes they will not be beneficial. Many times it happens that children refuse to eat medicines. The best medicine for the worm in the stomach is a Homemade recipe. You need mint, lemon, and some black pepper to make it.

If you are making this remedy for just one person, then you have to make one fine paste by adding 4-5 fresh mint leaves, 4-5 black pepper seeds and a spoon of lemon juice. Just blend them together and the remedy is ready to use. Add a little salt or sugar as per the taste preference of your child. Just within 5-6 days of consumption, this spicy remedy will get rid of the worms.

Carrots have vitamin A, which helps in boosting the child’s immunity and enabling him to fight any intestinal parasites before they get a hold of the body. Eating carrots on an empty stomach can help in clearing the worms.

Coconut has very strong anti-parasitic properties that make it effective in treating worms. You can use the fruit or its oil to eradicate the worms.

  • Let your child eat a tablespoon of grated coconut each day with breakfast. Continue this home remedy for a week to see results.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides that will help remove the worms from your child’s body. Let your child have four to six teapoons of coconut oil each morning for a week. It will also boost your child’s immunity and prevent a worm infestation from recurring.

Indian Lilac or Neem has anti-parasitical properties and can destroy different intestinal worms.

  • Mix powdered neem leaves in warm milk and honey and drink it twice a week.
  • Roast neem leaves in clarified butter and eat it with rice or bread.
  • Mix half teaspoon of neem leaf paste in a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach every day for a week. Do this every alternate week until the worms are gone.

Garlic is a natural dewormer for kids. It is known to be an effective remedy against parasitical worms. Raw garlic has amino acids containing sulfur, which can kill parasites and rid them from the body.

  • Eating three cloves of raw garlic on an empty stomach can help flush out intestinal worms.
  • Drink milk, boiled with two crushed garlic pods, every day.

Unripe Papaya has an enzyme called papain, which acts as an anthelmintic to destroy the worms in the intestine. Also, papaya seeds are used to expel worms from the stomach.

  • Ground the papaya seeds and mix a tablespoon of that in warm milk or water. Get your child to drink it first thing in the morning, for three days in a row.
  • Mix one tablespoon of raw papaya and one tablespoon of honey in warm milk or water. Drinking this on an empty stomach helps remove intestinal worms.