To build a booty you have to exercise primary glute muscles (Maximus). But, when you also work the secondary muscles (medius and minimus) that also support your booty, you’ll get better results in less time.

The following exercises in my 30-day squat challenge will hit every single muscle needed to Boost your Buns. I invite you to take on my squat challenge if you want to noticeably boost your buns in just 30 days.

Explanation: On each day you are supposed to do a certain amount of squats, or you are supposed to rest. On rest days you can do other exercises that target different body parts. Rest days are designed to give your legs and butt a rest. Feel free to do other workouts and exercises throughout the week, just be conscious of rest days to give your body an opportunity to recover.

There are many benefits to doing squats besides having an amazing looking butt. They help make every day tasks much easier by strengthening muscles you use on an every day basis. Squats help you burn more fat by helping you gain muscle.

Remember to Warm up first, watch your form, breathe, and take your time.

Well shaped buttocks is every women’s desire and want -and that is a reason -no wonder we got people around the world talking about rear cheeks of likes of Jennifer Lopez and Pipa Middleton. If you too have been looking for a workout that will get you there then squats is the one and only answer to it. Here in the article we explore and guide you through set of some very simple techniques for a 30 day squat plan which will help you improve your body image and target to get off the excess pound of fat deposits and yes get that perfect back:

1. Squats

Squats are full body exercise that trains and target the muscles of your thighs, hips and buttocks. Squats improve upon the blood circulation and target the stubborn cellulite mass. Squats build on your stamina and bring flexibility in your body. This compound exercise melts fats and boosts up metabolism. This exercise is a no equipment exercise and does not require you to go to gym. According to experts if a person performs this exercise regularly that one achieve desired results in a month’s time.

2. How To Do Squats

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and lower your body and go as low as you can by pushing your hips out. Hold the position for a second and return back to starting position and repeat. Start with small number of reps and increase as you progress. Give your muscles some rest time when you are doing squats.

3. Squats 30 Day Plan

This plan is designed to give you toned up muscles in your thighs and hips and define your buttocks. Follow this regime with patience and you will get a improved body in matter of no time. The 30 day plan follows on simple trick of adding squats each day as you progress giving a rest day after every 3 days. Start with 50 squats on the first day and by 30 days you will be doing 250 squats. Follow the plan as given here:

• Day 1 – 50 Squats
• Day 2 – 55 Squats
• Day 3 – 60 Squats
• Day 4 – Rest Day
• Day 5 – 70 Squats
• Day 6 – 75 Squats
• Day 7 – 80 Squats
• Day 8 – Rest Day
• Day 9 – 100 Squats
• Day 10 – 105 Squats
• Day 11 – 110 Squats
• Day 12 – Rest Day
• Day 13 – 130 Squats
• Day 14 – 135 Squats
• Day 15 – 140 Squats
• Day 16 – Rest Day
• Day 17 – 150 Squats
• Day 18 – 155 Squats
• Day 19 – 160 Squats
• Day 20 – Rest Day
• Day 21 – 180 Squats
• Day 22 – 185 Squats
• Day 23 – 190 Squats
• Day 24 – Rest Day
• Day 25 – 220 Squats
• Day 26 – 225 Squats
• Day 27 – 230 Squats
• Day 28 – Rest day
• Day 29 – 240 Squats
• Day 30 – 250 Squats