This exercise is very famous, but still, there are many people who don’t want to do it, because they don’t consider it beneficial. Some even think that it’s very hard.

The plank actually comes with plenty of benefits. It is a workout for your whole body. You get to activate all of your muscles with only one exercise! You might think it’s very hard in the beginning, but you can do it! You’ll see!

All you need are 4 minutes of your time and take a look at the magical transformation of your body!

Here, we’ve explained you how to perform a plank challenge precisely. You’ll strengthen your whole body.

The first results should appear after the finish of the challenge.

In the beginning, you do a plank for only 20 seconds, and increase that gradually.

You must do it properly because only that will help you acquire great results. Stack your elbows under your shoulders so that you can even out your weight.

You must have a straight spine and feel like you’re engaging your abdominal muscles. Your legs should be a little wider than your hips. Breathe steadily!

3 Main Advantages of Planking

1. Improvement of Body Posture
The plank is intended to strengthen the spine and the abs. You’ll manage to sit upright and balance your whole body!

2. Stomach Tightening
You’ll manage to form abs quickly if you have the right posture. You’ll notice a great improvement in your abdominal area after you’re done with the challenge.

3. Flexibility Boost
Your whole body is activated with the plank. You’ll also make your shoulders and back more flexible.

Guide For The 28 Days Plank Challenge

1st Day – 20 seconds

2nd Day – 20 seconds

3rd Day – 30 seconds

4th Day – 30 seconds

5th Day– 40 seconds

6th Day – Time to Rest

7th Day – 45 seconds

8th Day– 45 seconds

9th Day – 60 seconds

10th Day – 60 seconds

11th Day – 60 seconds

12th Day – 90 seconds

13th Day – Time to Rest

14th Day – 90 seconds

15th Day – 90 seconds

16th Day – 120 seconds

17th Day – 120 seconds

18th Day– 150 seconds

19th Day – Time to Rest

20th Day – 150 seconds

21st Day – 150 seconds

22nd Day – 180 seconds

23rd Day – 180 seconds

24th Day – 210 seconds

25th Day – Time to Rest

26th Day – 210 seconds

27th Day – 240 seconds

28th Day – As long as you can

Now that you know what it takes, start it today! What are 4 minutes of your time?