15 Things Men Look For In Women (According To Science)


When we meet someone really special, our heart starts to flutter and we get the pit-in-your-stomach feeling. Often we can’t really understand what makes this particular person more attractive, more appealing than other people. While love is a truly out of this world emotion, it isn’t the only thing playing in our minds when we fall for someone. Science has shown that there are real biological underlying traits that we all possess that fuel our lustful fire. Here are some things that men are biologically programmed to find attractive in a woman.

The Hips Don’t Lie

Men are biologically programmed to find a woman with a 0.7 hip to waist ratio more attractive. This means that your waist is 70% of the circumference of your hips. This is because this ratio is a sign that women are of childbearing years and have enough estrogen to produce a healthy baby.

Facial Symmetry

One of the best ways to determine if a person is attractive or not? Use your math skills! That’s right, it’s not about if their eyebrows are on point or if their haircut is super trendy. The way the brain judges attractiveness in facial features is by looking at the symmetry between the two vertical halves.

Lovely Lady Lumps

Breast augmentation surgery is the number one cosmetic surgery performed in the United States with over 350 million women going under the knife last year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, more estrogen means a more fertile figure and more tissue and fat to grow in the chest area.

Red Lip Love

Women will rock a red lip and get a lot of male attention when out on the town. This isn’t because a man is impressed with her on-trend lip color choice, but more likely because biologically bright red lips are a signal of youth and vitality. So rock that red lip with confidence.

Shiny Luscious Locks

There is a reason that argon oil and products that keep hair shiny and healthy looking are so popular. Women with long, shiny, strong hair, biologically come off as well nourished and vital women to a man. Across cultures, men have stated they prefer long hairstyles over short.

Bright Eyed Beauty

There are three eye traits that a man instinctually cues upon when he is with a woman. The size of the eye, the shape of the eye and the size of the pupil. Young women often have larger glistening eyes which dull over time. While a dilated pupil signal to a man that you are attracted to him.

Sunshine Smile

When a person smiles there are several non-verbal things you are communicating, besides happiness and confidence and smile shows your teeth which are key indicators of health and good genetics. Someone who smiles often and naturally is a subtly saying they’re they would be easy mates in the long run.

Natural Scent

We give off a natural scent of pheromones and our genes that heighten our primal instincts of attraction. These different scents are something we don’t notice right away but when we are presented with a t-shirt of someone, we can smell it and often determine the attractiveness of a person from that natural scent.

Love Your Skin

When we age, we naturally lose collagen and other natural components that keep our skin youthful and luminous. Women who take better care of their skin from the inside out, be eating nutritious food, drinking lots of water and moisturizing will retain that youthful glow for longer.

Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Young kids always have the rosiest and squeezable cheeks. This is because of their levels of fat and collagen production as well as blood circulation. When we get older we lose that and try to replicate it with the blush. Our cheeks also show our emotions and men cue into that instinctually.

Baby Got Back

We don’t all have to have Kardashian booty’s to make a guy want to watch us walk away. It isn’t so much about the size of the butt as much as it is the curvature of the butt and the angle it slopes out from the lower back. A woman with a 45-degree slope between her back and her butt is considered to be a more desirable mate for a man.

One Sweet Voice

As a woman goes through puberty, her voices will deepen slightly. Not as much as a man, but over time the tone of her voice will gradually shift to a slightly deeper tonality. The higher pitched and singsongy your voice the more youthful and fertile to sound to a man.

Maternal Instincts

The older a man gets, the more likely he will unintentionally look for a woman with natural maternal instincts. When a woman acts very naturally around children and takes care of others in a way that shows she would be a good mother, men will instinctually perk up.

Compassion Towards Others

Even though men are naturally visual creatures and most of the biological cues are geared towards a woman’s natural attractiveness, there are also biologically driven interpersonal features that a woman possess that will make a man more naturally attracted to her, like compassion for others.

You Got That Ambition, Baby

Probably the number one thing that a man finds instantly and instinctually sexy about a woman is her drive and ambition. A woman with the confidence to conquer the world and be her true self will trump any physical attribute that another woman might naturally exceed in.