15 Signs Hes Tired of You and Fed up with Your Relationship


Every relationship is unicorns and rainbows in the beginning. Flowers and sweet romantic gestures are an everyday occurrence. You feel surrounded by love. You’re honest. You want to devote your time to the other person. Sometimes, all these things don’t last. Before you know it, your relationship has turned sour. Everything that once used to be enjoyable is now annoying. The person who has their everything committed to you, now gets annoyed by you. These are tell-tale signs of a relationships downfall. Especially if he does these 15 things, things might not end well.

He stops respecting you

Respect is probably the most important pillar of any relationship and it goes both ways. When he stops giving you the respect you deserve, it means he doesn’t care enough about you getting offended by all the disrespect.

He no longer pays any attention

This is a no brainer. He spends more time on cellphone than with you. He doesn’t give you the same attention that he used to when the relationship was a bit more fresh. Someone else may have become his love interest.
He doesn’t talk about the future
If he doesn’t want to talk about the future with you, then it means he is not too comfortable sharing the same space with you for too long. He probably shudders at the thought of spending the rest of his life with you.

If constantly asks you who you’re going with, who’s that friend at work, or if he can have your mobile phone’s password. If he constantly expresses that he doesn’t like your company and questions you too much, things don’t look that sunny anymore.

He has a temper

He is getting increasingly annoyed and is unable to stifle his anger any longer. His mood can be best characterized as frequent bursts of anger and rants. You are beginning to get scared of what he could do in his mood swings.

You’re constantly thinking what will he say or how he will react before doing little things. You’re not sure when he’ll explode or when he will listen. He just doesn’t try to understand you anymore and emotionally you’ve begun to feel like you’re walking on eggshells.

In the beginning, you would talk about a fight and mutually apologize. If anyone of you hurt the other, you would apologize and make up for it. You had date nights, Netflix and chill nights, nights where you’d just sit under the stars and talk about everything under the suns. Now, suddenly he’s not interested in any of that. If it looks like he doesn’t just care anymore, you’re in trouble.

He doesn’t want to hear you out

He doesn’t want to lend an ear anymore. Previously he would listen to all your problems and offer valuable advice, but now he couldn’t even be bothered to spend five minutes without interfering with your thought process midsentence.

Everything annoys him

Every unique, quirky thing which you did made him only think that you’re all the more cute. But now every single little thing you do is a source of constant annoyance to him. Do you think such a guy will want to spend the rest of his life with you?

He gets agitated when you pry into his life

He might be pursuing other women behind your back. And so when you’re not paying attention, he could very well be texting to some other girl and hoping you wouldn’t notice. When you start asking questions, he gets infuriated.