These Ingenious Beauty Hacks Can Save You Tons Of Time


Every woman wants to pay attention carefully to her diet and every woman wants to look perfect. However, it’s not easy, as women nowadays have to juggle many things in their lives. Everything from a career to kids to friends.

So here we’ve put to together amazing beauty tips with the help of our readers that’ll make your life a lot easier when it comes to looking your best.

When you use so many different dark colors of nail polish your nails turns yellowish. If you want them to look white and clean, dip a cotton wool pad in some lemon juice. After it absorbs the lemon juice, wrap the wool pad on your fingernails. Cover this up with some foil. Let it work for about 10 to 15 minutes.

All the girls know that to take care of your regimen and look every time perfect needs time and struggle. Many manufacturers use this kind of symbol to inform about the expiration date of the product after opening. If you don’t want to forget this date, you should write the expiration date on the product using anything like a marker or a pen right after you open it.


A common tea can come in handy if you are suffering from a common disaster we know as broken nail. Empty the tea bag and cut a piece of it according to the size of your nail. Place it on the area of broken nail and cut of any excessive length. Now you can use a nail filer for shaping it over the nail. Cover it up with base coating.

If you want to relish your mascara, we recommend you to use the eye drops. You can also use the fluid of contact lens. Add a little amount of eye drop to into the mascara tube. Shake it well and its ready for use.

If you need to clean hair straighteners or hair curlers, make a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Clean your stuff by using soft tissue and this mixture. After that, clean the surface with a dry tissue.

You can use your blusher if you want an excellent matte finish on your lips. You just need to be careful about the choice of shade.

Apply a little amount of Vaseline or a lip balm on the skin near your fingernails before you polish them. This is a method to prevent stains on the skin when you are applying nail colors. You can remove it conveniently by using a Q-tip brush.

If you want to protect your eye shadow, powder and blusher from cracks while you are travelling, place some wool pads below their tops. This will absorb any shocks from bumps.

If you want to wash several makeup brushes quickly, you need to make a special plate for washing them. You can use a common plastic plate. Make some random shapes on the surface of a plate with hot glue. When glue dries, make a mixture of some shampoo and some water. Rub the brushes on the plate. Soon the water passing through them will become clean and clear. At the end, wash the brush with clean water.

When your eyeliner dries up, remove the brush top use the other end and it will become as good as new.

You can use the baby oil as a replacement of shaving foam. This amazing trick will help you a lot to if you want to avoid irritation. It is also a better moisturizing agent.

If you want the skin of your feet to be baby-soft, wash them with this mixture.

1. Warm water, 2 cups
2. Vinegar, 1 cup
3. Mouthwash, 1 cup

The problem of static hair starts when the winter comes around. You can remove the hair static and make your hair smoother by passing common drying sheets through the length of the hair.

After you apply the lipstick on your lips, suck your finger for some time. This will leave the excessive lipstick on your finger. Now you can use the highlighter to make your lipstick long lasting.

If you want to remove the pimple using a bobby pin, place the center of the pin over the head of the pimple and then start pushing it down gently until it pops.

You can place bulldog clip on the top of your razor so your hand remains safe from the cuts while you are searching your bag.

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