Top Best 10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know To Make Herself Attractive!


1. How to Curl Your Hair : Wavy Curls

Beachy waves work best on medium-length to long hair and always manage to steal the show, no matter what’s the occasion. The secret to this look lies in the technique and this one is a really quick, super easy yet amazing way to give yourself those gorgeous curls with lots of volume and appeal, all you need is a curling iron, a hair spray and a styling spray. If you are dreaming of luxuriously wavy hair, turn to this lovely tutorial how to get some pretty loose wavy curls to your hair.


2. Stylewise: Vintage Waves Tutorials

Vintage Waves are a breezy hairstyle that could easily become a go-to option for you because of the unfussy and sophisticated look it gives your hair at the same time. They are just perfect for formal events as well as whenever you want to look and feel amazing. You can envision them in the workplace, on the sidewalk, at the fair, at the party or simply at a lovely dinner date. This StyleWise lesson teaches how to achieved relaxed, loose vintage waves with the help of a Reverse Wand from Nume.

3. Brush Up

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Hair brushes are a must have tool when it comes to looking after and styling your locks. Whether you are looking for curling, smoothing, drying, doing updos or giving your hair some volume, bounce or shine, there is always a hair brush for you ranging from those that are made particularly for extensions to those made for certain lengths and hair textures. Check out the different types of hair brushes with different sizes, shapes and bristles and gain a better insight into what all you can do with each one of them.

4. 1-Minute Makeover : The Longer, Fuller Ponytail

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Ponytails look effortless and playful, but chic at the same time. It’s the quickest and easiest hairstyle that will keep you looking fresh and casual, even when you have got no time to devote to a hairdo, especially on those lazy and busy mornings. If you also wish for a voluminous and long pony, but can’t opt for this effortless look due to thin or less fluffy hair, then an amazing yet simple trick can make it happen for real taking no more than a minute of yours.

5. How to Do Boho Curls

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Boho curls look fantastic with the hair all worn down or a little pinned away from your face, but the most amazing thing is that the shape holds so well for turning into a messy bun for the next day. Whether you want to hit the beach, spend a casual day in or a night out, boho curls is the perfect on-trend hairstyle for summer months. This hair hack has got an awesome trick for getting those wonderful boho curls with a curling iron and a few simple steps.

6. How To Properly Wear A Bobby Pin


Bobby pins are the building blocks to a long-lasting updo. But most women complain that the pins would often slide out and leave their hair messy and undone. After a little time, they would feel them shifting and sliding down their hair, and by the end of the day the pins would have fallen several inches. Did you know that your bobby pins work better when facing a certain direction? Check out how to properly wear a bobby pin and get them to hold your hair firmly and stay for hours.

7. Cooking Curls

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We all love curly, bouncy and voluminous hair. But sometimes, the hair texture of some women makes it too hard to make the curls stay for long and even curling irons don’t seem to help much. If that’s the case with you or you haven’t got a curling iron at the moment, then this one is a clever yet simple trick for curling your hair without the need of any hairsprays and hair curlers. Following this easy technique, you can achieve luscious, soft curls with the use of aluminum foil and a hair straightener.

8. How To Curl Short Hair : A Nifty Trick for Short ‘Dos

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You may think that you have got nothing new to do with your short hair, but actually you can always get a party-perfect hairstyle by curling them. Learning how to curl short hair is not quite a difficult task as it may seem. Short hair with curls are chic, sassy and gorgeous-looking curls can undoubtedly give you a break from monotony. Taking only five minutes in the morning, this trick will let you curl your gorgeous short hair so easily by using a pair of iron plates.

9. Beauty Hack : Flat Iron Your Braids to Make Waves

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There are so many cool ways to get wavy curls with different results, and most of the methods of creating soft waves in your hair with a flat iron can be a bit complicated and tricky. But what if you have a way to do it in only a few minutes without the need to use any weird techniques? All you have to do is make some braids and use a flat iron on them. This method will leave you with natural looking waves throughout your hair that will last you all day long.

10. Easy Hair Updo

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If you think you are not that skilled at styling or you just haven’t got a lot of time, trying those complex hairstyles may leave you frustrated at times. But, no need to lose heart ! You can achieve a gorgeous and super-trendy look whenever you like even without any tools, hair products or expertise in styling with this truly amazing yet easy hair updo that is easy as it gets. If you can simply tie your hair into a ponytail and twist it a bit, you can rock this look in less than five minutes.