Reveal 11 Secrets Beauty Industry Won’t Tell You


If you had a sneaking suspicion that they beauty industry was keeping some deep dark secrets from consumers, you were right. Cosmetics companies highly exaggerate the effectiveness of their products, include harmful ingredients in many of their items and put them in stores right along with an overpriced price tag. Today, we’re here to expose the industry and its 11 secrets they don’t want you to know.

1. The SPF in foundation isn’t enough

Most foundations now boast about the amount of SPF they contain. This definitely comes in handy for makeup wearers who are out in the sun all day. They can still have the coverage of their foundation without skimping on the much-needed SPF that’s needed to protect their skin. But what the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know is the amount of SPF that’s found in foundations isn’t nearly enough to protect you from harmful UV rays. With most products containing SPF 15-20, your skin is definitely better off, but the rest of your body could use a little bit of help. Since foundation is normally just applied to the face and neck, your ears and the rest of your body aren’t protected at all. If you want to make sure your skin doesn’t come in contact with those harmful sun rays, after applying your makeup, it’s best to follow up with some sunscreen on the rest of your body.

2. Never go to bed with makeup on

As simple as this sound one should avoid going to bed with makeup since going to bed with makeup on will firstly ruin the bed covers pun intended and well it will block pores and cause utter inflammation which is a major “NO” for the skin.

3. The neck is a vital part

Be it anyone from the gender spectrum the neck in our body play a vital role for us, the skin in the neck also needs to be taken care of properly.

4. Investing in a good brush is major

There’s a bunch of different foundations and powders on the market, but you won’t get the look you’re going for if you don’t invest in a good makeup brush. What the industry doesn’t tell you is no matter how much money you spend on a product, it’s not going to look flawless if your technique is not up to par. Investing in a good brush and makeup sponges will definitely do the trick. Heading out to your local department store or makeup store will get you in contact with sales reps who will guide you through the process. They will tell you the difference between every single brush and what their purposes. Upgrading your brushes to the finest quality will make a drastic appearance in how your makeup looks. Whichever look you prefer, make sure you have the right tools in your beauty arsenal to get the job done. 

5. What an ice cube can do

If you want a glowing skin then, rub an ice cube on your face through the stimulation of circulation in the face.

6. Storing beauty products

Most of us tend to store beauty products in the bathroom, the products which you do not tend to use most often should be stored in the fridge depending on the manual that comes with the beauty products since, the fridge has a controlled environment the products will have a longer life.

7. Drugstore Brands Work Just As Good

It may be tempting to splurge on a costly and luxurious makeup product that promises to make you look all glam. Luxury brands, such as Chanel and Tom Ford, sell your typical makeup products, but their prices can sometimes cost you 10 times the amount you would pay for a product at the drugstore. You may think an expensive product will give you better results and a better makeup application, but that’s not always the case. Many times, these products are overpriced simply because there’s a designer’s name attached to them, and they contain the exact same ingredients as the low-priced items you can find at a drugstore.

8. Learn face massage

Learning face massage tends to bear a lot of fruitful outcomes for the skins it will make the skin on the face more healthy through circulation and it will assist proper care for the skin.

9. Always keep good care of your hands

Our hands have thin and delicate skin and are our primary tools and often take the most amount of abuse on a daily basis. This can be from washing the dishes without gloves or gardening with bare hands which can lead to the dry and damaged skin. To counter this, always apply sunscreen before going outside and keep your skin hydrated with a good hydrating skin cream.

10. You can DIY many products

Beauty brands rely on consumers to purchase their products in order to keep the industry alive. Many of these products are overpriced, they exaggerate their benefits, and they’re full of harmful ingredients that can really do some damage to your skin. The DIY community has discovered that many of the essential products that are found in most of our daily beauty rituals can actually be created at home.

11. Avoid wearing bras before going to bed

One should avoid wearing a bra before going to bed since, wearing them while going to bed will primarily lead to discomfort, skin irritation which isn’t a pleasant feeling to have during sleep, in addition, it will cause darkening of the skin if one is wearing a one with straps and wire.