Effective And Fast Nail Growth With These Natural Home Remedies


The nails have a protein called keratin. The toe nails usually develop faster than the finger nails. There are many factors that can contribute to slow the growth of the nails like lack of nutrients, health problems, hormonal changes and medicines.

We will present you few natural remedies that can accelerate the nail growth.


The garlic is great for the nail growth. It protects the nails from infections as it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. It makes the nails thick and smooth. Cut and clove in half and rub it gently on the fingers. Let it stay for few minutes to absorb in the skin and nails. You can also make a paste of few garlic cloves. Apply it on the nails and leave it for five minutes. You will notice the results very soon.

*Vitamin E*

This vitamin is very important for healthy nails and hair and it also stimulates their growth. Mix vitamin E and some essential oil and warm up the mixture. Dip the nails in it before going to sleep. Let it stay overnights and you will be amazed by the results in the morning.

-Night treatment-

Open two or three vitamin E capsules and apply it on the nails. Put manicure gloves on the hands and go to sleep. In the morning, take off the gloves and you will see the difference. Do it for one week to get optimal results.

Source > organichealthhouse.com