Casual Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair


Medium. The size created for the Goldilocks in all of us. Because when you can’t decide between long hair or short, medium length hair is the way to go. Whether you have straight hair or wavy locks, if it is medium in length, you have no dearth of choices out there. There are numerous casual and fun hairstyles for these tresses and you can wear them anytime anywhere without any hassle. Wondering how to do casual updos for medium length hair? Read on to find out…

1. Twisted High Bun With Embellishments:


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It never ceases to amaze me how a few sparkly hair accessories can transform the most basic of hair looks. Add volume to your hair by applying mousse and twist it up into a simple messy high bun right at your crown. Decorate the hair underneath the bun with a few crystal pins to give the style a whole new dimension.

2. Side-Parted Waves With Curly Ends:


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When you have gorgeous dark chocolate hair, there’s only one thing you need to do to take it to the next level. Add a dash of soft curls to the ends of your waves. Start with applying mousse for an added volume to the roots and part the waves to one side. Then, make use of your curling iron and look awesome.

3. Thin Dense Textured Curls With Center Part:


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This old school Beyonce look will have everyone falling Crazy In Love with you. To get this look, you need to apply mousse to your hair, middle-part it, curl it up intensely in very thin sections and texturize with hairspray.

4. Middle-Parted Beachy Waves With Pointy Ends:


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If you want to look like the quintessential party girl just like Ke$ha, here’s what you need to do. Style your hair in some waves and go crazy with texturizing spray and a hair brush to get this shaggy beachy waves look.

5. Middle-Parted Waves With Nice Headband:


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Paris Hilton is at her peak Barbie level with this adorable headband lookl. Just part your wavy locks to the center, clip both sides together at the back and let the remaining hair cascade your shoulders. A nice headband can also be used to jazz up the style.

6. Soft Outward Curls With Puffy Crown and Side-Swept Bangs:


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Ah, who doesn’t love some old school Beyonce style? I know I do. Section the side-swept bangs off the crown and tease up the later one nicely. Now, add outward curls to your layers by using a large barrel curling iron and set with hairspray. Here is the glamorous you!

7. Rolled Back Waves With Curly Ends and Added Texture:


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Remember the good ol’ days when applying mad amounts of hairspray all oer your hair was the in-thing? Well, that time is making a comeback. Apply mousse all over your wavy hair and roll it back gently. Curl the ends of your hair and go crazy with your hairspray to complete the look.

8. Spiral-Ended Side-Swept Waves Covering Face Partially:


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Fergie looks, well, Fergalicious in this mysterious look, to say the least. And if you think you can pull it off with just as much elan, just do the following. Deep side-part your textured highlighted waves, side sweep them dramatically to hide one part of your face and finally, curl them up halfway down.

9. Messy Wavy Low Ponytail With Twisted Sides:


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Throw that comb out of the window and embrace the messy hair look. (OK, maybe don’t actually it away.) Volumize your crown a bit and create a low messy ponytail by securing all your wavy hair at the nape of your neck. Now, twist up both sides and wrap the twists around the elastic band of the pony. So simple!

10. Messy Braided Ponytail With Puffy Crown and Side Sweep:


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Let go of the notion that braided ponytails are only for elementary school kids. When it comes to looking casual in the most stylish way, this semi-high braided pony with a subtle messy finish can be a good choice. Add a zing to it with a puffy crown, a hair wrap and a long wide side-swept bang.

11. Beautiful Boho Waves With Braided Head Chain:


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Let go of all your worries and become a bohemian beauty with this soft and romantic hair look. Create an off-center part and leave your thick gentle waves loose over your shoulders. Now, braid up a section of hair at the front and wrap it around your head like a head chain.