9 Beauty Hacks That Are So Crazy But They Work


f it looks stupid but it works it isn’t  stupid – Albert Einstein

Make Up usually takes time, well not in this case! There are ways that probably do not look like a good idea at first but the end result is simply flawless.
These various hacks are from eyes to teeth and other parts of the body, they can be done in no time and are easy to do plus they will save you time from the daily routine of putting make up on your face. Get ready for these easy yet creative ways of Beauty hacks that you wish you knew before!

You can line and curl your brows to give that flawless look!


Out of shaving cream? Use the conditioner without fear.


Use Olive oil to remove the eye make-up efficiently.


Use Mascara to cover grey hairs!


You can use Beer to make your hair super shiny.


A Pepto-Bismol is used to soothe the redness of skin.


You’re able to tame  the flyaway hair through the dryer sheet.


Brush your teeth with Charcoal to make them instantly brighter.

You can coat the lashes with baby powder and apply the mascara applications to make them appear thicker.