With regards to butt-sculpting moves, there’s no better exercise than the squat. It activity targets your glutes, as well as your thighs and center. So we create 28-day squat challenge. You can follow this plan along with your typical workout (even on running or lower-body days), or do it as a separate workout. You can deal with it even on coffee break as it will take just 5 minutes.

Squat is a fantastic multi-muscle exercise that tones your glutes, thighs and hamstrings while strengthening the core and improving your strength. In fact, Scott Carrell, certified personal trainer, calls on his University of Washington post “Squat is about as close to a miracle as anything I know”.

ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine also grants this highly popular, widely performed exercise as one with excellent potential for adding lean muscle mass.

While it’s an excellent choice as an everyday workout, when you squat the wrong ways, it can hurt your knees, lower back and ankles.

The First Week

The arms out Counterbalance Squat

Day 1 – 20 Reps
Day 2 – 30 reps
Day 3 – rest
Day 4 – 20 reps
Day 5 – 30 reps
Day 6 – 40 reps
Day 7 – rest

The Second Week

The Deep Box Squat
Day 8 – 30 Reps
Day 9 – 40 reps
Day 10 – rest
Day 11 – 30 reps
Day 12 – 40 reps
Day 13 – 50 reps
Day 14 – rest

The Third Week

NoChair Counterbalance Power
Day 15 – 20 Reps
Day 16 – 30 reps
Day 17 – rest
Day 18 – 20 reps
Day 19 – 30 reps
Day 20 – 40 reps
Day 21 – rest

The Fourth WeeK

No Chair Full Power Squat
Day 22 – 30 Reps
Day 23 – 40 reps
Day 24 – rest
Day 25 – 30 reps
Day 26 – 40 reps
Day 27 – 50 reps
Day 28 – rest

7 benefits of regular physical activity on  workout plans:

Keeps your body fit and healthy

Increases sex drive and gratification

Boost your immune system and mental health

Decreases stress, risk by heart attack and cancer

Gives you trust and has anti-ageing effects

Keeps your mind sharp, Prolongs your life and arrives at you feeling happier

Aids you to lose weight, lowers hypertension and danger of diabetes

How much exercise is enough to lose weight?

The best time for training is around 45 to 60 minutes, but this changes from person to person and depending on how much weight you would like to lose.

Whenever you would like to lose weight, shoot for at least 200 minutes (more 3 hours) a week by moderate intensity workout with everything additional consistent. If you burn calories and exercise, you’ll be able to get away with a minimum dose of 150 minutes a week.

Whenever you are a beginner, start with 50 minutes of exercise a week and build to 200 minutes