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Everyone wants to look pretty, but no one really wants to exercise! But that’s not how our body works! It’s very common that the only time when everyone begins to think or aptly, worry about their body and losing weight is when spring arrives. It’s not a secret anymore that the most problematic parts of a woman’s body are – the hips and thighs!

These are labelled as problematic as it is most difficult to remove excess of centimeters from these parts (whereas it just takes one burger to bloat them up!)

In order to remove fat deposits from the inner and outer part of your thighs, we should do three things:

– Manage the total daily intake of calories – consume only as much as you can burn, or even less.
– Drink plenty of water and fluids to keep your system hydrated and well functioning
– Include some effective exercises in your daily routine, making it a point to not skip them for even one day!

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to incorporate some sensible exercises in your daly routine.

Slim, tall, toned – that’s how our legs should be, instead of being floppy, flabby and chunky!

Though, tall legs are more of a genetic thing, but the other aspects about thigh chub can be managed with this simple kind of a workout.

Here suggested complex of exercises can be worked out pretty much at the comfort of your own home! We can guarantee that with a mere 12 minute dedication in a day, you are bound to lose at least 1 centimeter from your hips and thighs in as little as a week’s time!

It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

12 Minutes Inner Thigh Gap Workout

Plie Squats 30 seconds
Side Lunge 30 seconds
Squat and Kick 60 Seconds
Skater Hops 30 Seconds
Inner Leg Lift 30 seconds each leg
Leg Circles 30 seconds each leg clockwise movement
Leg Circles 30 seconds with each leg anti-clockwise movement
Outer Leg Lift 30 seconds with each leg
Fire Hydrants 30 seconds with each leg
Fire Hydrant Kick 30 seconds with each leg

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