What 11 Facial Skin Defects Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health


Beauty lies skin deep. And to tell you the truth, so does health. The skin problems you see on your face aren’t just because of low-quality cosmetics, sun damage or a bad diet. They are actually signs that are screaming out to you that your health is in trouble! But do you stop to listen?

Mostly not. So, if you have neglected your facial skin problems and thought a cream could fix them, dig deeper and try to get to the root cause. You could end up saving yourself from a disease. On that note, let’s take a look at 11 facial skin defects and what they say about your health!

1. Dark Circles

Although dark circles are hereditary, there are other causes of it that are way worse. So, if you’ve developed dark circles, it might be a good idea to look into what’s causing them. Possible causes include lack of sleep, allergies, hormonal changes, smoking, and more. While the right cure lies in treating the actual cause, you can gain temporary relief with the help of a cold compress.

2. Red Nose

Not the Rudolph kind that’s caused in winters due to extreme cold! Although cold weather could be a harmless reason too. Anyway, the expansion of the blood vessels in your nose is responsible for the redness, and it could be as a result of allergies, a cold or even emotional stress. The redness generally fades away on its own, but if it doesn’t, you need to see a doctor.

3. Yellow Eyes And Face

When an excess of waste material accumulates in your body, you end up with yellow eyes and skin. In simpler terms, this is known as jaundice, which can be a life-threatening disease if not taken care of properly. Moreover, jaundice can indicate other serious problems in adults, such as alcohol abuse and viral infections. So, if you get jaundice, get yourself checked thoroughly to rule out other causes.

4. Sudden Appearance Of Moles

Birthmarks are included too. Usually, you don’t have to worry about the sudden appearance of these as they are mostly benign. However, before dismissing them as harmless, examine your mole’s color, shape, size, and whether it has changed in any way the last few weeks. If it has, you need to fix an appointment with your doctor as it could turn malignant.

5. Butterfly Rash

Rashes on your face can be caused by a variety of reasons – use of harmful cosmetics, change in climate, allergies or excess consumption of sweets. Rashes attributed to these causes disappear once you address the problem. However, if your rash has covered most of your cheeks in a butterfly shape, you may be suffering from lupus, which is practically incurable.

6. Skin Peeling Around Nose And Mouth

Several things can cause the skin around your nose and mouth to peel. However, this kind of dryness is generally attributed to a lack of essential vitamins such as A, C, B or E in your body. Apart from peeling skin, you may also notice other signs of vitamin deficiency, such as poor concentration levels, weakness, hair loss, and the like. The only treatment for this is altering your diet.

7. Cold Sores

Cold sores generally develop around the lips and the mouth and are a result of being infected by the type 1 herpes simplex virus. Other types of sores, such as canker sores, can also be caused by the improper functioning of the immune system, illnesses, and fatigue. Sores typically vanish on their own; however, ointments can help speed up the process and reduce discomfort.

8. Chapped Lips

Winter is the season for chapped lips! The harsh weather conditions of the cold months dry your lips out, making them crack. Increased exposure to strong sun rays can also have the same effect on your lips. However, there are other reasons too, such as a drug-induced allergic reaction or Kawasaki disease.

9. Excess Facial Hair

In women, this is a problem. Despite heredity being a cause, excess facial hair in women can signal the onset of PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, in which your ovaries stop functioning properly and can lead to possible fertility problems. PCOS requires immediate medical attention so that it can be managed successfully.

10. Facial Hyperpigmentation

If you notice dark spots on your face, especially on your cheeks or the bridge of your nose, you may be suffering from melasma. This is a type of hyperpigmentation that is common among dark-skinned people. It is often fueled by a lot of sun exposure. It’s also common during pregnancy, and cosmetic treatments are the cure for it.

11. Thinning Eyebrows Or Lashes

If the reason for your thinning eyebrows or lashes is not the use of harmful cosmetics, it may indicate a problem of the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism is the common cause for this condition among those over 50, and it’s accompanied by other symptoms, such as dry skin, weight gain, etc.

These 11 signs aside, even the location of acne on your face can hint at which part of your body is not functioning well. For example, acne on your chin may indicate a problem of the genitalia. Hence, pay attention to these 11 signs, so that you can find the right cure for your condition.